Terminal Services Profiles



I have an issues when creating profiles on a terminal
server. When I logon some users have a C:\documents and
settings\username\windows folder. Others however dont. I
need this folder to place files into to get a legacy
application to work in TS.

I can login with an existing user, profile creates ok but
without the Windows folder.

If I create a brand new user (domains accounts) - logon, I
get a new profile which includes the windows folder.

Any ideas? Is this C:\documents and
settings\username\windows folder specific to TS? When and
why is it created?




Can anyone tell me where to enter the "DeleteRoamingCache" entry into
the registery on a Windows 2000 terminal server so cached local
profiles can be removed from c:\documents and settings when users log

Terminal Server Registery setting "DeleteRoamingCache" set to "1"

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