Terminal Service



Please help. I have X server, a member of Y domain in
Windows 2000 environment. i have a ZZ application
running in X server. Terminal Service is running in X
server. There are clients connecting to X server via
Terminal service & run the ZZ app. i want to restrict
the users to only access the ZZ app when they connect via
Term Serv & not able to mess around with other desktop or
any window components, like prevent them access to
internet or open windows explorer & nose around. How can
I restrict the users from doing so & only able to run ZZ
app? Thank you.

Vera Noest [MVP]

One way to do this is to configure ZZ as the starting application on
the Terminal Server. You can do this in TS Connection Configuration
or through a Group Policy.
Make sure that the application does have an option to spawn another
process, like an editor or the command prompt.
I would also make sure that you have proper NTFS permissions on the
local drives in the Terminal Server, and hide those drives with a

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