Terminal Service Manager




I am running Win2k Terminal server in application mode, i would like to let
a user group to be able to run the Terminal service manager. Now users in
the group can startup the "TS manager", but they can't view what processes
are running in each session. I can't do it using the administrator account,
but i don't want to add them as the administrator. I tried built-in power
users, backup operators, but none of those work.

Any other ideas??



Users with Full Control Permissions on the RDP-Tcp connection in Terminal
Services Configuration can do this, as well as reset and shadow sessions for
every connection on this server.

These permissions are set in tscc.msc.

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server


Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your reply, but i have tried that with no luck. I have given
the security group full control permission on the RDP-TCP connection on the
Terminal server. However, it doesn't make a different even after i restarted
the machine.


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