Terminal Server Licensing



I am having a problem with Terminal Server Licensing and
was wondering if anyone could help me out?

We have a Windows 2000 Terminal Server and have installed
licensing with 5 cals added for the users who need to
access TS. When I look in the licensing program, all
users are still temporary licenses, and the 5 cals are
showing as available. I thoguth if I removed the
temporary TS cal from a users PC by removing the registry
key, next time they connect they shodul pick up one of the
5 available, but instead they are issued with another
temporary license. I have added the 5 users to the Remote
Desktop Users group, but still they are issed with temp
licenses. How do I get the users to pick up the proper



I have de same problem about 1 year, I have 105 TS cals and only 10 % of my
clients gets a licence corretly. If anyone could help me I appreciate.

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