Tempature Issues - Intel 630



Hi All,

I have built a computer based on an Intel 630 (Prescot)processor with
the stock fan/heatsink assembly on an ASUS P5GD2-X mobo and installed it
all in an Antec Sonata case. Video card is a Gigabyte 6600 with passive

Been playing around with the fan speeds removed the case air filter and
added an additional Antec internal fan (79 CFM) all of which has brought
the idle temperature on the CPU down to around 50C. For what is worth,
with the side cover off the Sonata case the CPU temperature runs at 48C.
Oh, my temperature measurement tool is the ASUS Probe monitoring

I'm wondering what temperatures others are seeing at idle with their
Intel 630's using the stock heatsink/fan assembly? I know the Prescot
CPU's run hot, so would like to find out if the 50C at idle I'm seeing
now is about as good as it gets using the stock heatsink/fan assembly?

Also, curious to hear from those of running a stock 630 in a case
offering ducted airflow.

Thanks in advance to those of you who reply.



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