TD Error During Build



I was building an image and it built fine.
I found I had to add File Sharing to my image so I went back, added File
Sharing to it, did a dependency check then built again. It made all the
way thru the build process, and gets right to the very end, then pops up an
error 44, The Index refers to an item that does not belong to this
component. It then aborts.

No other message. No other changes. So I try a new image from scratch, I
add the Minlogin Sample and build it, same thing.
Now any image I build does this.

Any clue what may be going on? Using SP2 & FP2007

I posted this in the FP2007 news group but there is not much activity over
there, So I posted it here in case it is something not related to FP2007




Andy Allred [MS]

That error usually means the database is corrupt or atleast one component in
there is corrupt. Please file a bug at the ms connect site, can you add your
TDbuild log by attaching it to the bug and if possible please zip an SLX for
you that is reproducing this problem so we can examine it.

For the other thread you posted yesterday afternoon, i forwarded it on to
the fbwf experts, unfortunately they probably won't be able to answer until
Monday morning.



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