Task pane controller



Some time ago, I downloaded a Task Pane Controller which works well in Word.
I wonder if anyone can tell me if there is something similar for Excel 2003.
I can view the Task Pane via the View toolbar but it 'floats', i.e. it will
not stay put as it does in Word. This is really annoying when I tab along
columns and the Task Pane moves!

Sorry to ask in a Word newsgroup but I can't find an equivalent in Excel.



You shouldn't need any 3rd party stuff for this:)

In Excel - with the Task Pane displayed - position your pointer in the gray
space just to the right of the Home icon. Drag the Pane to either edge of
the screen - top, bottom, left, right - until it snaps into a docked
position. It should stay there and continue to reappear in that location any
time it's activated... even after restarting the program. Are you finding
that it doesn't do so?


Thanks for your help.
For some reason, the task pane had come slightly adrift from the right-hand
side of the screen, whch was causing it to 'jump' when I tabbed to the
It's fine now.

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