task manager - Number of processes


Eve L Dewer

I am not even sure where to start with this.
1. When I press ctrl-alt-delete, all at the same time I get a view of TASK
2. Currently I have 47 processes running.

I am not sure what these are, what they are doing and if they are all
necessary. I am sure they are using resources that could be used elsewhere.

Where is a good place to start learning about these, which ones are
necessary, which ones are not necessary and how to stop the ones I don't
need to have running?



It generally is not a good idea to end processes unless you really
understand what they are.
Xp is loaded with a certain number, I don't remember how many, and as you
add software, the number of processes is going to increase. Some programs,
like Symantec, are resource hogs
If you want, you can look up just about every process on the internet to
find out what it is and if it's needed.
Here is a link to a general description of task manager & processes.



I have about 55 running processes when I bring up task manager. My system
is speedy with no hang-ups, but wondering if that is really too many, and
should I research to stop some of them. Actually, looking at the list, it
seems that most of them are really programs that I use... Any thoughts?



In my opinion, there is not real needed to mess with the running processes.
There are other indicators that you can look at in determining if
troubleshooting is in order. What's your CPU % ? If it's high, and you
computer seems to have a lot of disk activity at times when not a lot is
required, then you want to go thru your processes and see which, if any, are
taking a lot of resources.
And, if there is something in there that you want to know about, just copy
it to your browser and do a search.
I have 36 running right now, and my CPU usage is at about 2-4 %..no bid

To the original poster, is there something specific that is not working
correctly, is your computer running slowly?
Just wondering what your concern is in regards to the processes.

Eve L Dewer

Yes, as a matter of fact I do run antispyware apps. Doesn't everybody? I
use the MS antispyware beta 1 (1.0.614). Is that significant, and how?


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