Task Form will not run VBScript when published to production mailb



I have developed a custom task form that uses some VBScript to hide or make
visble certain controls and also to do some validation.

I have published this form to a folder in my own mailbox and everything
works fine. I can create a new task form and the script runs as it is meant

The problem is when I publish the form to a folder in another shared mailbox
where I have "Owner" permissions to the folder concerned, when a new task is
created in this folder the VBScript fails to run.

When I published in the second folder I used a different class name to
ensure there was no conflict on that account.

Can anyone explain why this should be happening and how I can resolve the





Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Outlook 2003 adds a setting -- turned off by default -- to allow forms in shared mailboxes to run script. You can change the setting by choosing Tools | Options | Other | Advanced Options and checking the box for Allow script in shared folders. See http://www.outlookcode.com/d/secforms.htm for more information on this setting and a comparable one (on by default for public folders).

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