Tab control within a tab control




Is there any way to have a tab control on a tab of a tab control?

I have pupil data that I have split between details, attendance and other so

In the attendance tab, I was looking to split this up further into
attendances of year and splitting this up by a tab per year.

Is this possible to do? I tried to cut a tab control and paste onto the
orignal tab, but when pasting onto the tab, it just adds another tab to the
original (if I do it straight onto the form, it puts the new tab onto all
tabs of the main one)

I did look at creating a subform on the tab, entering the tabs on the
subform, then displaying a subform on each of those tabs - which seems very
longwinded to me and also meant that I could not get stuff aligned well
enough (always seemed to centre the inner tab, even after changing auto
resize and auto center to no).

Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated.


Clifford Bass

Hi Wullie,

The answer from a little experimentation appears to be "no". Instead
of breaking up the years onto separate tabs, I would suggest you use a combo
box on the main form that lists the years of data that you have and with
which you select the appropriate year. Then as your form's control source
use a query that references the combo box:

select * from YourTable where SchoolYear =

And in the select school year combo box's after update event do a

Hope that helps,

Clifford Bass

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