system32\config\system corrupted



Yesterday I was tweaking my win2k machine and disabled a number of unneeded
After several reboots...there were no problems.
When I went to print a document I realized that I had mistakenly disabled
"spooler" so I re-enabled it and all went well
until the next time I rebooted...

I got the message that system32\config\system was corrupted or missing...
so I chose "last good configuration" and the machine booted fine...
however spooler was disabled. When I re-enabled spooler...again all was fine
until the next reboot
where i got the same error!

Only this time..."last good confguration" did not work!

I slaved the drive to another system and restored the entire system32\config
folder from a recent backup (made *prior* to my tweaking the services)
and the machine worked just fine all day yesterday.

Of course today when I booted it up again I got the same "system corrupted
or missing" error
(and last known config) did not work.

It sure looks like it could possibly be a drive hardware error

but the mfg's diagnostic found no errors...nor did running chkdsk /r

The thing I found interesting is that when I tried to run a repair
no operating system was found...however when I initiated (but canceled) a
fresh installation...the installer "sees" the winnt folder.

At this point I'm thinking of just plain recloning my OS (a working version
of it that is) to an entirely different HD




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