Windows XP System restarts automatically whenever a virus detection alert is coming.

Jun 16, 2011
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System restarts automatically whenever a virus detection alert is coming on the screen.? My office desktop is been installed with Avira Anti-Virus software. Whenever the modem is switched on a virus detection dialog box appears on the screen. But when performing the action to be taken for the virus detection,the system RESTARTS immediately.I just cannot close the virus detection window without taking any action for the virus found. I also scanned the whole system and deleted the viruses present. Even then when the modem is switched on virus start coming. Please Help.



Master of Logic
Oct 3, 2008
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I would recommend booting your system into Safe Mode and trying to run your Antivirus software. That may help.

My honest opinion is to reformat that machine. If you are having issues such as this, the OS is most likely too far gone to save. You could try to do a repair installation of Windows, but that leaves all of your programs intact and will most likely leave the virus installed and operational, which will not solve your problem.

My first guess is that the virus triggers the AV software and that either BSOD your machine or the virus activity does. You would need to boot to Safe Mode and disable automatic restart on error. Start>Control Panel>System>Advanced Tab>Startup and Recovery>Uncheck restart on error>OK>OK>restart. This is if you can get this far.

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