System file COMCTL32.OCX changed inadvertantly


Lenny Jacobs

During the installation of an old program system32 file COMCTL32.OCX was
changed to an old version 6.00.8022, June 24, 1998. Can ths change affect
Vista's operation? If so, how can I restore the original version?




It's very unlikely to make any difference. It's a
component library used by VB or other COM
programming tools. In Vista it's in the category of:
"Tested and Not Shipping In Windows Vista"

In other words, it's not critical but MS did test
it for compatibility so it will probably work OK.

COMCTL stands for "common controls". The file is
providing functionality in terms of window components
like buttons, menu tabs, etc. As long as your software
that uses the file works OK then you have no worries.
In fact, I'm not even certain a later version of that file

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