System Error 1326 has occurred



Can anyone offer advise on how I can resolve the error
msg. I'm getting?

Some Background:

I have a home network with a 4 systems. The main system
(we'll call this SystemX) is has all the main connections
(printer, dsl, cdrw, etc.) SystemX is running Windows XP
Professional. I'm trying to get my laptop (Let's call
this SystemY) which is running Windows 2000 Profesional
to connect to SystemX so that I can use the printer. I
was informed that I have to establish a trusted
connection and the best way to do that is to just mount a
shared drive from SystemX (TEMP) to SystemY. So, I have
been issuing the following command on SystemY:

net use * \\SystemX\TEMP * /USER:Administrator

This worked like a charm for a while, but then something
changed (don't ask me what... download of XP updates, new
software installs, etc.) and I can no longer use this
command. As a result I can no longer get to my printer on

The Error msg I get back is:

System Error 1326 has occurred
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

However, when I go to SystemX, I can login just fine with
the specified login and password and the rights on the
TEMP directory are wide open.

Can anyone offer any insight or just point me in the
right direction to troubleshoot what is going on here?

Thanx in Advance.




- JimT.

I've had the same problem connecting to default admin share [c$] from
one WinXP Pro box to a second WinXP Pro box - both machines in
workgroup mode and not in a domain. This has been going on for quite
some time and not much info about it on the newsgroups.

Anyway, I fixed my problem like this:

Under Administrative Tools:
Network Access: Sharing and security model for local

Value was "Guest Only ... " That seemed screwy to me, so I changed the
value to "Classic - local users authenticate as themselves"


Now I can map drives to default admin shares like a CHAMPION!

Hope this helps

- JimT.
Feb 16, 2009
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Thanks soooo much JimT. I was having problems with my Vista machine accessing the printer and shared folder on my XP machine but XP could access Vista and after 5 hours of unsuccessful searching I stumbled across your solution and it solved the problem. Many thanks Champ.


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