sysprep image and SCSI RAID




Is anyone here familiar with BDD 2.5?
I am trying to build a unified image for Desktops, Laptops & Tablet PCs.

My issue comes from the fact that although I am building a master image on
an IDE class HD type machine to later sysprep and Ghost; when I capture the
HD image and dump it on a similar class HD the image works, when I dump the
image on one of my Tablet PC the image fails.

Couple of things I need to mention:

1 The target machine that the image is failing is a Toshiba M400 with a
SCSI RAID controller
2 The error message I get when the target machine is booting for the
first time is error message 0x0000007b (unable to access boot device)

Since my process is emulating what BDD 2.5 recomends, the process initiates
a unatteded install via unatted.txt, it continues with its texmode process
and later one executes a series of automation scripts to later run sysprep
with several switches (-reseal -mini -forceshutdown, etc) to finally
shutdown the machine leaving it on a state where I then can Ghost the HD.

I need to find a way to:

1 I need my Ghost sysprep image to be able to identify the OEM drivers
for the SCSI class HD when I dump my image on the target machine without
generating a 0x0000007b error message
2 Force the process to allocate the OEM drivers during minisetup utilized
by one of the target machines (this requirement is needed since I am
building the master image on a IDE class HD machine to later dump the image
on a SCSI class HD machine, this methods is possible and supported by
Microsoft as specified in the Sysprep SP2 deploy.chm file)
2 Be able to understand what changes if any, I have to make in my
unattend.txt and sysprep.inf files

any help would be graetly apreciatted.





don't know bdd but we do ours manually.

just download the driver for the hard drive controller you need for the
Tablet and put it in a directory in the sysprep folder or at the root of C:

open up the INF file or files for the controller driver you downloaded for
the entries that start with PCI\Ven.

in the sysprep.inf file, under the sysprepmassstorage section add the
entries similar to :


on the right side of the =, just ptu the path to the inf file that has the
PCI\Ven Entry.

When you seal the image with sysprep, it will install these drivers so that
when XP boots for the first time, it will have the correct driver to see the
hard drive.





Thanks for your tips.
I came to the same conclusion today after running a bunch of tests....
After a bunch of tests that I ran today I came to understand that I do not
even need to add or modify my unattend.txt file



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