SyncToy 1.4 ignores Recycle Bin exclusion?

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Milhouse Van Houten

In Vista this is driving me crazy: Even though I've excluded the Recycle Bin
in SyncToy's "Select Subfolders" section (the entire Recycle Bin branch is
deselected), if I do a "Preview" on this task, SyncToy shows me that
everything in Recycle Bin will be backed up. In other words, it flatly
ignores the exclusion. I later tried deselecting some "normal" directories,
and it had no problem with that, so is it possible that SyncToy has a
problem with special folders (in Vista, at least)?



I would like to understand this better so we can try to address it for the
next release. What folder are you trying to sync such that you have to
exclude the Recycle Bin? If you're trying to sync the root of your system
drive that's not a scenario we support now and likely in the future with
SyncToy - but if it's something else we need to understand this. Please
respond with more details.

SyncToy Development


Why doesn't it support backing up whole disk? I have problem when trying to
backup C:\ that no subfolders show up - it keeps moaning about filenames
being too long but won't allow me to exclude their directories :-(

Wouldn't it be more helpful for ST to skip any long file path and back
everything else up with a note in Errors re long files?? 99.9% of the time
these are temp files you don't want backing up anyway!



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