Symantec Add-In



I had to reinstall Symantec AntiVirus on a workstation, now when I open
Outlook I get this error.....

"The add-in "C:\Program Files\Symantec_Client_Security\Symantec
AntiVirus..." could not be installed of loaded. This problem may be resolved
by using Detect and Repair on the Help menu."

I have used the Detect and Repair on the Help menu, and I also inserted the
CD and tried to run a repair, and tried to reinstall. None of these options
worked. I would appreciate any help I can get on this issue.

I would uninstall Outlook then Install it again, but the user has 10-15
signatures. If there is a way to export those and import them when Outlook
is installed again, that's what I will do. But I don't know of a way to do

Thanks in advance for your help,

neo [mvp outlook]

Try deleting/renaming the file named extend.dat. (This file may exist under
each user profile that logs onto 2000/XP)

If that doesn't work, look in the registry under:

to see if there is a reference to your bogus addin.

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