Support for outlook 2003 addin in xp home sp2




I created and installed one Outlook 2003 with SP3 addin in my local system.
I used SetSecurity project and it is working fine here
My system details are
XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack2

The same addin installed at client machine. It is loaded but disabled there

Client details are
XP home SP2 Outlook 2003 SP3

How to enable the outlook 2003 addin at the client machine? Is any
configuration settings required there at the client machine. Can anyone share
some information on this?

Thanks in Advance

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

From your use of SetSecurity can we assume that this is a VSTO project?

Does your installer actually successfully set up the security on the target
computer? Is the code assembly and whatever other assemblies it loads strong
named? Are you deploying the VSTO runtime and any other dependencies of the

The best way to see why a managed code project is failing to load, assuming
you've covered all the obvious bases I mentioned above is to look at the
Fusion logs. Fusion is the managed code loader. See the article at
for information on managed code troubleshooting and Fusion logging.


Thanks Ken for the information.

You are right. It is a VSTO project. Assemblies are strongly named. I am
deployting VSTO second edition runtime and Preop assemblies 2003 along with
..NET framework 2.0. The addin is loaded correctly at the location

Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options->COM-Addins

with Load Behaviour : Load at Startup

But the add-in is not checked.

The add-in is there in Disabled Items. If we enable it then it is working in
the client machine. But my client wants to enable it immediately after it

Since he is having XP home SP2 instead of XP professional is there any
security updates required at his system?

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Well, addins don't get disabled for no reason. If the addin is in its own
AppDomain, and all VATO addins are in their own AppDomain, then only a
couple of things will cause an addin to become disabled.

If the user installs the addin while Outlook is running that will cause the
problem. Any unhandled exceptions in the addin will also cause the addin to
become disabled.

So if the addin starts out disabled the reason is going to be one of those
two things.

AFAIK there is no difference that should be there for the addin no matter
what version of Windows XP the user is running.

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