Hi. Hope you’re able to help. I’m having difficulties the SUMIFS function.
Either I’m using it incorrectly or perhaps it’s the wrong function for me!

I’m trying to total the money amounts in column E as long as conditions in
columns A (cell A6 in this example) and column H are True. However, I’m
finding that the function is not totalling up the money amounts it should be
totalling in column E. Instead, it’s just returning a single money amount in
column E and ignoring the rest! This is the function as I’ve written it:

=SUMIFS(BnkChqs!E3:E1000,BnkChqs!A3:A1000, A6,BnkChqs!H3:H1000,"*102")

So, I’m trying to add-up any money amounts in column E as long as the
condition in column A (cell A6 in this example) is true and column H contains

I’m not sure if this helps, but I do have another column (column D) that
names each unique cheque number. Just thought I’d let you know that in case
I’m confusing the function in some way and it might expect some form of


Hello Bob
I'm so grateful you took the time to look at this. The fact that it worked
for you made me re-visit my sheet. I discovered an error I had introduced
myself in a related formula! So, many thanks for the sanity check. All
fixed now.
cheers again.

Bob Phillips

Thanks for that Peter. I have often wondered whether such responses are
worthwhile, you have encouraged me :)

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