Random names from short list


Jose Lopes

I’ve seen some posts here about what I’m trying to achieve and still I’m not
able do it. I have a list of only 7 workers. I need to reorder them randomly
in another column. I’ve tryied to use a formula I’ve seen here

But I’m still getting duplicate names and #N/D errors. I’ve tryied to
analyse the cause with no success. Can it be because I’m using all the seven
names list?

By the way... my language is Portuguese and I think the function RANK
relates to the CORRESP formula right? (by the way, how can I convert formulas
from english to other languages?)

Thx in advance



Mike H


In my best Portuguese, try this

in B1 and drag down to the same length as your names

Put this in another column and drag down 7 rows

Tap F9 and you wil get you 7 names randomely ordered


Jose Lopes

Hi Mike, thank you for your fast reply but I still have the same result over
here. Still with duplicate numbers and #N/D errors. But in my best Portguese
I’m almost 100% certain that the “INDEX†function is “INDICE†but by the
looks of it I’m doubting that “RANK†is “CORRESPâ€â€¦ Where can I search any
info about functions and languages?

Jose Lopes

Hi again.

After a search I found out that RANK translates to ORDEM. Problem solved.

Thx again


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