Sumif across a table



I am looking for a function that works using a =sumif function to add things
that are not in a range that are next to each other as seen below the letters
in () are the columns that the values are in...

so I am looking for a sum in column A "X" of the total work out time if the
appl column is "Y"

total work Running (D) Walking (F)
Elliptical (H)
out time (C) Appl (D) Time (E) Appl (F) Time (G) Appl (H)
Time (I)
X Y 20 N 0
Y 30

example: row sum X=50 min of work out to show up in column A based on Y's in
the other columns associated

I tried =SUMIF((D6,F6,H6),Y,(E6,G6,I6)) but i get the value error

Any suggestions? Thanks!



T. Valko

Try this...


Note how the ranges are offset.


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