Sum Function



I have cells that have numbers that are 3 and 4 digits beyond the decimal
point . I need them to have 2 digits beyond the decimal point. So I used the
=ROUND(cell,2) to round to 2 digits beyond the decimal. However, the sum of
my original column and the sum of my new column are different from each
other. They should be the same.

How do I truncate the extra digits beyond the decimal point without changing
the sum?



Gary''s Student

If you use the ROUND() function, you are really changing the values that are
being tallied. To get the SUM to be the same, don't use ROUND; instead
format the cells to:

Format > Cells... > Number > Number > decimal places 2



David Biddulph

If you don't want to change the underlying value, but want to display with 2
decimal places, use Format Cells/ Number/ 2 places instead of ROUND.
If you use ROUND, it changes the numbers, and hence the total is likely to

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