More than two decimal places



All cells in a column contain numbers with two decimals places (for
example: 21.56)
But the sum of these cells has more than 2 decimal places (for
example: 545.02034).



In Excel what you 'see' in the cell quite often isn't what value there
actually 'is' in the cell. What you 'see' depends on the cell
formatting, e.g., if you type in the cell value 545.02034 but then
format it (Ctrl+1) on the Numbers tab as 'Number' with 2 decimal
places - then you'll 'see' on the screen 545.02 despite the fact that
the actual value stored in the cell has more decimals. So in your list
some values must have those more decimals it's just that the cells
have been formatted to DISPLAY only 2.
Change the formatting and you'll have them all the same BUT bear in
mind that the actual values will have more decimals - this means that
should you add manually all the values that you 'see' - you'd get a
different total than excel gives as it adds all the fractions too.

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