Suggestions on problem with dropped internet connection



Starting to have problems with dropped internet connection, sometimes one or
twice a week. Right now it’s happened 3 separate times in the last day!!

I go through the usual processes of re-powering modem/router, reboot,
refresh the network connection, etc. Eventually I get back my connection but
never know if the problem was Comcast (internet provider) or was it with my
computer, modem, etc.

When the problem does occur, my Default gateway, DHCP, and DNS addresses are
all Internal IP address is always

Running 3 XP Pro computers on a cabled network with a Linksys Cable Modem
plus a Belkin wireless router for my laptop.

Greatly appreciate any/all suggestions as to how to find the exact cause of
the drop out.


Just wanted to add one other comment to my problem:
When I view "Network Connection" it does not indicate Limited or no
connectivity. It doesn't show that there are any problems with the

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