Suffix and DNS server changes on client.



We have one network segment using 192.168.15.x with two domains on it. Within
that ip address range we have - 200 dished out by DHCP from
domain B. The rest of the address's are assigned statically and are all part
of Domain A.

The DHCP server is 15.101 (statically assigned), DNS servers as 15.101 and
103 (both static), WINS as 15.101 and nameserver as 15.101. At a seemingly
random time the clients setttings change from DNS suffix = DomainB to
DomainA, the DNS server changes from 15.101 to 15.12 (DomainA's DNS server)
but the DHCP server and WINS server stays at the correct values.

DomainA is an NT4 domain inherited by my counterparts. Domain's A and B are
two companies that are merging.

DomainB is a Native mode Windows 2003 domain.

What could be causing the clients to change their DNS suffix and DNS server?
the DHCP expire is set to 8 days and the changes are happening twice to three
times a day per client.

A simple ipconfig /renew fixes the issue and the DNS And suffix go back to
what they should be.

It's kinda like the NT4 domain is pulling rank, broadcasting the DNS server
and the clients are accepting it. There's no entries in the clients event
logs to explain the change....

Sorry the seemingly abrupt message, completly snowed under with a stack of
things and this issue isn't helping.

Any help will be much appreciated and if you are in Sydney i'd gladly buy
you a beer or seven. :)

Thank in advance.


I should also point out that I've confirmed there are no other DHCP servers.
I have turned my scope off and tested to see if I got an IP and nothing

Using Netsh Int Ip Show DNS shows that the DNS server "configured by DHCP"
is 15.12....the wrong one.


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