Suddenly chkdsk runs at every boot-up.



No problems yesterday with my XP Pro system.(XP Pro clean install from

Today, whilst reading a web page, a box came on the screen saying that
Diskeeper Light had detected chkdsk was set to run on drive F:, and "this
is due to either a user request or because the operating system has found
errors in the file system"; consequently Diskeeper could not run on F:. I
am not aware of doing anything that would set chkdsk to run.

I was puzzled, but ran chkdsk on F:, ticking "Automatically fix file system
errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors". Ckdsk ran and
did not report anything amiss, just that each test had "completed".

Now, everytime the computer boots up, the following sequence occurs. POST
runs, and the single beep. The Windows opening screen showing the Windows
logo appears. Then a blue screen with white lettering, saying "Checking File
System F: One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency". Chkdsk
then runs but it is over in one second, leaving no time to read the
information flashing by on the screen. Windows then opens normally, and the
computer is useable.

This repeats at every boot-up. Running System Restore did not help.

F: is an as yet unused drive with nothing on it.

What should I be doing to sort this please?


Thank you for the prompt, Squire.

Started a format as you suggested, got message that F: was in use (though I
have nothing on that volume and it was not open), so accepted an option to
do a Forced Format.

Have rebooted twice since that, without any messages about chkdsk wanting to
run. So I hope that is it ... ... .


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