subtotal titles



Ive read discussion, and perhaps the answer is that I need to make a pivot
table, but I know nothing about that and it seems daunting.

What I want to do is propagate the title of a sutotal to the cell beside the
cell that has the "made by excel" title

IE I have data in cells A:G, I subtotal cells F and G based on the value in B
I have another sheet that matches up the total names(value in column B)
with thier proper description.

I would like a way that without me going to each subtotal row and copying a
formula line by line (onto only the subtotal lines) that will use something
like VLookup. If it was VLOOKUP , it would look like
=vlookup(B2,ConversionTable!A:B,2) I can manually copy that line to each
subtotal row, but I am looking for a way to automate that? ... or of course
some other way to achieve those results



Roger Govier


Show us what your data looks like.
Using a Pivot table is not all difficult and you can be talked through
the steps.
Alternatively, omitting the Subtotals altogether, your results can be
achieved with Sumproduct formulae.

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