Copy within a subtotal



I have a large worksheet where there is already subtotalling. I'm looking to
add a subtotal to one column.

Because of additional formulas and information that that has been added to
the subtotal lines, I cannot use the subtotal function to add one more
formula. If I can find a way to copy just the subtotal formulas from column
P into column V, that would work, but not sure of the best way to do this.

Any recommendations???




If the subtotal formulas you want to copy contain only absolute cell
references, then you could use Copy & Paste Special - Formulas (use a right
click in the top target cell to access the Paste Special menu).

If the subtotal formulas contain relative cell references, click in the cell
with the formula, then highlight the formula in the formula bar, copy (Ctrl +
C), press Escape, click in the target cell, then paste the formula in the
formula bar.



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