Windows XP Subtitle Editor or New Decrypter

Aug 27, 2005
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I just bought a couple of films from France (Seul Contre Tous and Irreversible) but stupidly didn't notice that they didn't have english subs on them.

I am really struggling putting subs on Seul Contre Tous as it has a 'short' (Carne) at the beginning of it and I can't find subs for it anywhere. I can only find subs for the main feature and whenever I rip the DVD, decrypter leaves me with the usual files but one of them is the end of the short and the beginning of the main film. So whenever I go to put subs on, I can't get it to go on the right part of the film ie. the start.

Does anyone know if I can get a better program than DVD Decrypter which will allow me to separate the films as I rip them and still keep the menu? Or can I do it on Decrypter? I was hoping that I could avoid converting the DVD to an avi and having to go through a really laborious process.

Does anyone know of some really dummy proof tutorials for problems like this on the net?

Am I just being a muppet? Please don't be too mean.


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