Subnetting and Spanning subnets in windows server 2003



I currently have a SBS basic domain with a single subnet. I will be
installing a new application shortly and just determined that I will to
create a new subnet and span it. Can someone assist?

The new subnet will be authenticating to the windows server on the orginal
subnet but I would like some specifics on how this will work.


Bill Sanderson

Offhand, I would hope that creating a new subnet would not be necessary. I
think you will get a better answer to this question by:

1) posting in an SBS-specific group

2) I would suggest that rather than posting your specific question about a
new subnet, that you describe the business or technical issue that you
believe that setting up a separate subnet will solve for you, and then
mention that as a solution you are thinking of. This is somewhat like not
telling the mechanic that you need a new water pump when the noise under the
hood would seem to indicate that--but rather, describing the symptom and
letting the mechanic diagnose the issue--just in case it really isn't the
water pump!

The folks in this group will likely have considered your issue, or one like
it, before, and may have a variety of approaches to it which may be worth

This group is for the support of Windows Defender, Microsoft's anti-spyware
application, and is not a place where we are likely to know your answer, I'm


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