submit form problem. How to solve???



Hello everyone,

I already do a submit form using Mocrosoft FrontPage2003. But, when I
upload to a sever, it got problems. The problem is after fill in and
press the submit button the new page display a message like this "The
page cannot be displayed".

How to do it in a right way?
Or anyone can send me a sample code? I'm very appreciate for your

Thank you.

Andrew Murray

It appears that you're using a custom confirmation page which has not been
published; therefore you're gettting the 'not found' error.

Are you getting the email itself? If so, then it's a case of publishing the
confirmation page to the correct location as you (may have) specified in the
Form properties. Or deleting the custom confirmation page and letting the
default page come up instead.

If you're not even getting the email then check with your host that the form
handler component of the frontpage server extensions is enabled correctly
and have them check and reinstall the extensions if necessary.

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