Problem with forms submit



I've built a website that has a list of events and I've used a form for each
event for folks to sign up. When they fill in the form and hit the sign up
button, it writes their information to the end of an html file that can then
be displayed.

Most everyone has no problems but occasionally, when someone hits the sign
up button, they get an Authentication Required box (username and password). I
don't have any authentication set up. This only happens when they hit the
form submit button and they can see any page with no problems.

Any ideas on what's going on here?

Thanks for your help.


No they are saving to a public folder. After they Submit, the page that is
loaded is the HTML file that is written. There is also a separate link to
that file to View Signups. The file is viewable by all, including those that
cannot sign up.


It's a random issue. Some folks will have no issues one day and then have
issues another. Some have never had any issues. I'm testing with FireFox and
IE with no problems here.

The site is

The page with the forms is the Calendar page. Doesn't seem to matter which
form... either they get the password box or not.

I'm about ready to toss FP and learn some scripting...

Thanks for looking.

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