Submit button is not working properly whit the ENTER button



Hi, I have several forms in my site. At the end of the form I have a submit
button that works perfectly, but when someone presses the ENTER button of the
key board, filling in the form to pass to another field, the form is
submitted immediately. How can I disable the enter button of the key board so
this doesn’t happen again? Please someone help me! Thank you!.



Thomas A. Rowe

1. This is normal of the Enter key for HTML forms.

2. The easiest solution is to create a text field at the end of the form where the user is required
to enter something right before the Submit button, this is enforced by using FP's Form Field

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
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p c

Use TAB to move to between fields. Do not use ENTER for that. Enter in
Textrea creates another line. But if you are not in textarea field it
submits the form.

Form validation will catch accidnetal (and nrmal) submits for verifcation.


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