Subject: Re: Access as a Front-End By: Arvin Meyer [MVP]


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In the 100 years that I have been working with Access, I have helped clients
fix 8 data corruptions. The first was a machine left on and unplugged, the
second an interrupted phone line during a replication, I have no idea what
the cause of the third was, and the last 5 were on WiFi connections. Do you
see a pattern? If a record is in edit mode, and a connection is interrupted,
there's a chance you will corrupt a database.

If you must use WiFi, or the Internet use a terminal services connection. Do
not believe that mySQL or SQL-Server won't corrupt, they will, and sometimes
much worse than Access. BUT, in the case of SQL-Server, there are redundancy
measures (backup and transaction logs) which make the corruptions easier to
fix. mySQL also has some robustness, but not the level of SQL-Server. A
Terminal Server makes the risk of corruption negligible.

So search for WinConnect, Citrix, MS-Terminal Server,
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
Co-author: "Access 2010 Solutions", published by Wiley

QB said:
I am wanting to use either MySQL or SQL Server as a back-end to a MS Access
front-end. Furthermore, I need to be able to use this front-end over a
Wireless router. I know that by default MS Access does not leand itself
wireless connections but have been told it can be done if changes are

Can someone give me a little guidance on the matter. Perhaps refer a good
article or site that covers this subject to get me going in the right

Thank you,



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