Subforms and duplicate fields



I have a Main Table with Estimate ID (format: AutoNumber) set as the primary
key. I have 17 other tables each with their own AutoNumbering IDs set as
their primary keys; each table also has an Estimate ID field (format: Number)
that I've joined to the Estimate ID in the Main Table.

I created a Main Form and 17 Sub-Forms. The 17 subforms show Master/Child
links between Estimate ID (Main Forms) and Estimate ID (17 forms). I have
selected Visible?: NO for the 17 subforms within the Main Form. I have 17
Command buttons on the Main Form that open each of the 17 subforms.

I am trying to have the Estimate ID number that is automatically generated
when a record is created in Main Form/Table automatically fill in that same
number Estimate ID in the corresponding Subform/Table.

I've tried so many things that I'm now totally confused. I would appreciate
a good suggestion to complete this process.


Hi, Robin.

If you've set the LinkMasterFields and LinkChildFields properties to the
EstimateID in the main and sub forms' RecordSources, respectively, you don't
need to do anything. When you add a new subform record, the EstimateID will
be written to the table.


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