Form/Subform Problem



I have a database setup with several tables of contacts and a primary table
of vendors. I have one form that has an unbound combobox to select the
vendor number. All of the tables are linked through a autonumbering primary
vendorID (diff from vendor number). I have the main form and six subforms
linked on vendorID. All of the subforms are based on queries that include
vendorID and are based on 1 table. I have the subforms requery after
updating the combobox with the vendor number. The subforms only populate
for the first record in my primary table. When I select any other vendor all
of the subforms are blank. If I open the subform alone outside of the main
form it works fine. I can't figure out what is wrong. I suspect it's
something with the master/child relationship not working, but I'm not sure
what I've done wrong.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ken Snell [MVP]

Your LinkMasterFields property should have the name of the combobox with
which you select the vendorID value.

Your LinkChildFields property should have the name of the foreign key field
(the one that holds the vendorID value corresponding to the vendorID value
in the primary/main/parent table) in the query that is providing the data
for the subform.

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