Requery subform Field based on different Field's value

Jan 10, 2009
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I need some help trying to figure out something in Access 2003. I have a main form 'A' with a subform 'B' linked using the EmployeeID=Employee_ID fields of A and B respectively. The subform loads the filtered data based on the employeeID in the subform just fine but what I'm trying to do is add a record to the subform for the employee regarding a course request.

In the subform (form B) I have a combobox whose RecordSource is the VendorName from the Vendor table and the ControlSource is a field in another table called tblCrseReq. Upon selecting the vendor, the VendorName for "CoyName" field on the subform is used to filter the available courses from that vendor in the "Course_ID" field of that same form.

This works fine using the subform's code (below) when I run the form outside of the main form however, it doesn't work within the main form as a subform. It prompts me for the value of the CoyName field.
Private Sub CoyName_AfterUpdate()
Me.Course_ID = Null
Me.Course_ID = Me.Course_ID.ItemData(0)
End Sub
What am I missing or doing wrong?Thanks for any help.


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