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Ross from Orlando

I use Office 2007, and understand that the email editor is based on
Word although without all of the features. What I want to do is to
have my responses to emails have 3.5 points of space after each
paragraph (instead of having to hit "enter" twice). So I created a
style called "Email Respond" that has that attribute. The problem is
that it does not work, even when I change it in the underlying
template (normalemail.dotm). It still has zero points of space after
paragraphs. Part of the problem is that I don't quite get the
relationship between Word 2007 and the email editor. Any guidance
would be appreciated.




Terry Farrell

In Office 2007, Word is NOT the email editor. It may look like Word but it
is a separate app contained in its own dll. You need to make changes to
email formatting in Outlook 2007, not in Word 2007.

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