Studio 2005 CF cab problems


Dave Brown

Hi all,

I'm having trouble building a CAB file for a CF 2 project.

Done the usual steps, Added a Smart Device Deployment project to my
solution, set its propertys, go to build and Always get back a message
saying ;

Error: CAB file "C:\Documents and Settings\DAVE\My Documents\Visual
Studio 2005\Projects\Project1\DeploymentCAB\Release\Project1.CAB" could
not be created

It's really annoying, I dont want to have to go back to using 2003 to
build projects as I really like the new features in CF 2, but if I cant
deploy them correctly, then theres no point.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated.




Nino Benvenuti

Hi Dave,

Are there any other pertinent messages in CabWiz.log?

About the issue itself:
Have you verified that the path is valid and that you have permissions
to write to it?

You happened to paste in an error message from building a release CAB;
are you able to build a debug CAB?

Have you tried deleting the OBJ and BIN directories from the source
project and the Debug and Release directories from the deployment
project and re-building?

Also, to get all of the facts on the table:
What platform (OS) are you running VS2005 on?
Is this RTM of VS2005?
Are you trying package a CF 2.0 project for WM2003 or WM5.0?


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