CAB vs Deploy from VS.NET2005



When I deploy my application from Visual Studio 2005, everything is fine,
but when I create a CAB file, copy it to the device, then execute it from
there I have problems.

Some notes:

-When I deploy from VS the device pops up to ask if it's OK to reinstall
things like the dotnet framework, the SQL client and CF String Resource.

-I tried creating the CAB by not excluding any component

-I tried adding all the files identified during the deploy to the CAB

So what's the trick here? Thanks!




Deploy each CAB (CF, SQLCE) separately and see which one fixes the problem.
It's likely the CF so start there.


Chris Tacke, Embedded MVP
OpenNETCF Consulting
Managed Code in an Embedded World


Visual Studios 2005 installs the Compact Framework on the device for you.
You cab needs to detect if the compact framework is present and either tell
the user to download it and install it first or install it form them. I use
a setup.dll to detect the compact framework and install if not present. The
downside to this is that you have to include the CF cab with your install.

Rick D.


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