Strobing blinking flashing hourglass



When opening Word to a blank doc, opening a regular doc, or saving then
opening, all have the cursor shown as a blinking, flashing, strobing between
hourglass and arrow cursor.
Only in Word. Not in Excel, One Note, or PowerPoint.

Edition = Office Home and Student 2007
System = Vista Home Premium 64
6 Gig Ram 2.6 Ghz

Have uninstalled, rebooted, re-installed.
Tried different mice including wired and wireless.
Have ended most Processes, disabled anti-virus, network, and there are no
Have spoken with HP reps to no avail.
It is a clean system - except for Office Word.
Does not happen in Works, or OpenOfficeOrg - just in Word, rendering it
Have queried the great god Google, and there are so many peopel wuth the
same problem with Office products - since Office 98! MSoft must have caught
on to this bug by now and have a fix - somewhere.





I have seen that problem before if Outlook is also running in the background.
Is Outlook also running?

If so, I suggest you open Word from a fresh start to see if the issue is
still there.

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