Strikethrough doesn't appear on deleted imap emails


Nishant Parikh

I have Outlook 2007 on XP SP2 set up with an IMAP account. When I am
in a folder on the imap account, I hit delete, but the strikethrough
does not appear. If I right click it, I can undelete it, and if I hit
purge it disappears. If I groups messages (from Current View) by
Messages Marked for Deletion, I can see the deleted message with the
strikethrough. I have about 100 outlook clients all configured
identically and this is the only client with this issue.

Roady [MVP]

The Automatic Formatting rule probably got deleted on that client.
Easiest way to recover would be to reset the view on that folder;
View-> Arrange By-> Custom...-> Reset Current View...

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