Storing a computer name



I have searched the discussions board for answers but have not yet found
anything (I think) that will answer my query.

I have a field in a table called ComputerName, I would like access to
determine the users computername when inputting a record so that I know who
has logged the data, but they don't know I am logging it.

I have seen many requests on the discussions pointing to a function, but
when I tried this on another pc on the network, it threw up a vba error which
when checked had missing references. I don't want to go to each users
machine and deselect these missing reference as it will cause suspicsion.

I have therefore seen the code Environ$("computername"), can somebody tell
me where I would store this code so that it records the computer name for
every record input by whichever user.

I tried in the default value, but nothing appeared.

I'm thinking that perhaps in the query, I should change the field
ComputerName to say ComputerName EXPR: Environ$("computername") but am not

Any help or alternative advice would be appreciated.



Pieter Wijnen

Default Value: =Environ$("computername")

You have to precede functions with the = sign for default values




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