Stop linked cells from changing when insert new row?



difficult to explain but here goes. I have a master workbook and have linked
(copy>paste special>paste link) cells from it to create several worksheets -
these worksheets have completely different formatting than the master.

My problem is that when i need to insert or delete a row from the master the
linked worksheets get jumbled - is there a way i can insert a new row into
the master without changing the locations of the linked cells in the other

Not really sure if it can be done but thoght i'd try.



מיכ×ל (מיקי) ×בידן

In the Master WS, try to declare NAMES to ranges/cells who are linked.

והמשך/×™, × ×, ×œ×§×¨×•× ×ת השורה הב××”:
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מיכ×ל ×בידן
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