Static routes


Julio Ríos

I have got a RRAS Server W2K SP4.

I have got a remote office with a RRAS W2k Server, a W98 and W2k Prof.

When the remote client try to connect with my Local Office the Remote RRAS
Server connects with my server.
This works fine (Local server gives the same Ip to remote server).

I need to create a static route to connect the two networks (remote and

When I create a static route I have connection between remote machines and
local machines.

This static route only works well the first connection between servers. I do
not understand it.

The problem is when the connection finishs (connection is closed).
When the remote clients want to reconect, the remotes rras server connects
and it is ok but the staic route fails, and I do not have connection between
remote and local machines.
To resolve the connectivity problem I delete the static route from rras
console and I add the same static route and it is works.

Do you have any idea why the static route is not working well the second and
next remotes conecctions?

Do I need create a static route persistent?

Best regards, Julio.



Bill Grant

You need to have the static routes for this linked to the demand-dial
interfaces. Then the routes will be added automatically when the connection
is up.

At both ends of the link, have a demand-dial interface as the symbolic
endpoint of the VPN. Set up a static route to the "other" subnet linked to
the dd interface.

When the VPN connects, the static routes are added to the routing table
using the current connection details.

Julio Ríos


My local server is domain controller ( Active directory ).

I have seen in Remote User properties (Domain User Console) that all users
have disabled the options:

Assing an static IP (*)
Apply static routes.

(*) In the RRAS console I can define that the clients must assign an IP, and
this client has an IP to connect with my server. I think this is no problem.

I can not define static routes in user properties. Do you know how can I
enable these options?.
I think that I can enable this options, I can configured the static route
that I need to get connectivity betweeen two networks, and the routes will
be added automatically when the connection is up. Is it OK?

Where must I configure this options, in Users Domain mmc or RRAS mmc?

Thank you for your response, Julio Ríos.



Bill Grant

It is best to do it through RRAS. Read the Help files on router-to-router
VPN connections.

Use the New Static Route wizard in RRAS to add the routes. Fill in the
destination and netmask boxes, leave the gateway box blank. Select the
demand-dial interface from the dropdown list. Now the route is bound to the
demand-dial interface.

When the interface connects, the route is added to the routing table.
(You are really just using the demand-dial interface name as a symbolic name
for the connection, to automate things).

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