stability problem



I've got a machine that uses a Jetway 694AS motherboard with a Pentium III
and memory running at 133Mhz.

It is very unstable and crashes to WindowsXp blue stop screens after a
number of minutes. Sometimes Windows fails to load and instead displays a
stop screen.
On some occasions during boot up, the motherboard generates 2 long beeps
(this is not mentioned in the manual) and the screen remains blank until its
restarted. Then during boot up the message 'Warning The system has crashed
due to overclocking the Bus has been temporarily returned to its default

Now this, along with its massive instability does suggest a hardware
problem, rather than a corrupted system file or faulty driver. Also it is a
fairly new Windows install.
I purchased the motherboard/processor second hand. The host bus was set to
133Mhz, the RAM 133Mhz and the processor was reported as a 730Mhz
So I lowered the frequency to 100Mhz, along with the RAM speed. The
processor is now reported as a 550E PentiumIII and appears to be slightly
more stable.
But it continues to fail 'stress tests' like Prime95 and BurnIn, with
program errors and general system blue screen crashes. Also it wont play 3D
games like wolfenstein/quake3 etc with out blue screening

I've tried playing around with lowering the memory speed. Underclocking the
host bus to 66Mhz, giving a 350Mhz Pentium III !, raising the processor
voltage slightly. But it hasn't helped. The computer is still unstable.
I've tested the memory with Memtest86 for about 24hours with no errors

I have very very limited experience of building pcs.
So could someone maybe suggests how I could get this computer to run for
more than an hour without failing?

Jetway 694AS motherboard
PentiumIII (either 730Mhz or 550E Mhz)
256MB RAM (with 133Mhz written on the boards)
ATI 32MB AGP graphics card




Try for a new install. Could be bad memory. Could be bad harddrive. Could
be bad video. Start swapping parts and running tests if you can.

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