SQL Schema permissions AD group not recognized by Access 2007 ADP



I need to have end users update a sql server table that is granted schema
level rights. I have simplified this example, there are many objects in the
schema they will need to use, and I don't want to grant rights in piecemeal.

In SQL 2005 I created a schema SchemaA, then granted select, update, delete,
and insert on the schema to an active directory group MyADGroup. I logged
into sql server impersonating a user in the MyAdGroup and was able to perform
any of the above actions on a table in the SchemaA schema. I created an
Access Data Project in Access 2007, Started Access 2007 in run-as mode as a
user in the MyAdGroup. The table was not visible. I granted object level
rights on that table to that AD group and the table was now visible and
useable. The schema SchemaA is owned by DBO.

My question is why is Access 2007 not recognizing the schema level

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