SQL: help assigning value to temp column for results from 2 fields



I am trying to assign a value to a temp column for something based on 2
other columns.

Select ID, Imm, Ell
From table_1
where Imm='Y' OR Ell='Y'

I want the column to report an E if or an I. Where and How do I declare?

Sylvain Lafontaine

If this is with an Access MDB or ACCDB database file, you could use the IIF

Select ID, Imm, Ell, IIF (Imm='Y', 'I', 'E') as Expr1
From ...

For SQL-Server, you will need to use the Case statement:

Select ID, Imm, Ell, Case When Imm='Y' Then 'I' Else 'E' End as Expr1
From ...

Of course, if both Imm and Ell equal 'Y', then the above solutions might not
be what you want to get.

Sylvain Lafontaine, ing.
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