spoolsv.exe process on win xp sp2 keeps hanging

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Nathan And Kerry

Hello MS Community,

I use a Dell PC computer that is on a network, and that everyday starting in
the morning after logging into it or turning it on, after windows fully
loads up to the desktop, the computer lags when I start opening up desktop
applications or programs. When I check the the windows task manager, the
process running, always shows very high for the process to 'spoolsv.exe'.
As for the performance section to this process the line is all the way to
the top of the scrolling graph for the CPU or CPU Usage and straightlines
across as the graph scrolls. During all of this, whatever program or
application I am trying to run or open, they just stall because of this
'spoolsv.exe'. Now when I go to end this process on the windows task
manager, all is good. Programs, applications, they all run fine and smooth.
Every once in a while, the 'spoolsv.exe' starts to act-up again and hangs,
which leads to going through the whole process again. At this point,
sometimes, I just go to services and I put a 'stop' on the 'spoolsv.exe' or
the 'spool service'. If I want to print, then I have to start this service
back up again under services.

If someone could please tell me how to fix this problem so I don't have to
go through all these extra steps just to go on with my daily tasks using the
computer, that would be great. Any ideas, anyone?

Thank you,

R. McCarty

If all your Workgroup PCs have "File and Printer Sharing" service bound
to the NICs then it may be the Folder Option, View (TAB) "Automatically
search for network folders and printers". You could try de-selecting that
option and reboot the PC to test. It would also help to clear the Event logs
and immediately after reboot check them for Error(s)/Warning(s) that will
indicate if you have Service start issues on the PC.
To view the Event Log:
Click Start, Run (type) EventVwr.Msc [Enter]
*Expand the System and Application categories and check the Right Pane
for any yellow/red entries.


Check your printers for unprinted print jobs. If you have unprinted jobs
that cannot be printed because the printer is not attached or there is an
error with the job, Windows will continually attempt to print the job taking
up all available cpu cycles (that's nice of MS). Find the offending print
jobs then delete then and restart Windows the problem will misteriously go

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