spoolsv.exe memory leak


rob miller

I have a system running WinXP Pro that has only one
application loaded on it. This system runs a HMI control
system called Lookout. It runs 24 hours a day 7 days a
week. This program prints 3 pages 1 time per day.I have
recently replaced a Deskjet 760c with a 1100D printer.
Since this change we are experiencing a problem with a
memory leak. The Spoolsv.exe task keeps taking memory in
6k to 8k chunks after about a week of operation and then
by approx 3 1/2 to 4 weeks the systems locks up due to a
low memory situation the system has 512MB or ram and
SpoolSv takes almost all of it. I have downloaded the
newest driver for XP which is Version 1.0 (Same version as
the printer was shipped with) removed the driver and
software and re-installed the version I downloaded and the
problem still happens? I did not have this problem with
the 760c. I need to resolve this issue ASAP as this system
runs a City Freshwater Pumping System and having lockups
is a serious problem. Any help would be greatly

P.S. This system is not on the Internet and is not used
for any other purpose so no software was added and no
changes were made other than the printer "upgrade" I have
also asked this question on Hp's forum and have not
received any replies. I am not sure if it is a Windows or
a HP driver problem.



Why not just set the printer to Print directly and bypass the
spooler altogether ? This way you can just disable the spooler
service. For a dedicated control system, you really don't want
to worry with a spooler for only 3-pages of text.

Rob Miller

Thank You

I will give that a try, Sometimes we forget the

Thanks Again


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